How do I get to Dos Rios from the mainland?

You can get to Dos Rios by the  “lancha colectiva” (river bus), or by water taxi or by private arrangement with the caretaker.  The lancha colectiva takes about 1 hour to Las Malvinas – it is the local water borne “bus” system which operates a number of routes across the Delta. Water taxis and the caretaker’s launch take about 30 from Tigre to the Las Malvinas entrance to Dos Rios, and slightly less time from other marinas in San Fernando and San Isidro.  To get to Tigre there is a train from Retiro (central Buenos Aires) and the train journey takes around 45 minutes. From the Tigre train station there is a 5 minute walk to the jetty.

 Do I need to own my own boat? 

No, many existing owners do not have their own boat.

How much is the boat taxi to get to Dos Rios? 

The lancha colectiva is relatively cheap, prices can be found on the web or by phone.. Those for water taxis and the caretaker’s boat are available on request. 

What type of house can I build on Dos Rios? 

There are certain rules and recommendations which govern size, construction materials etc. These derive from Dos Rios’ Condominium Code, and the local Municipality’s regulations.  Generally, these are common sense requirements that ensure that construction is in tune with the natural environment (eg use of wood, elevated construction on stilts, and appropriate waste treatment), and which address the Delta’s status as a protected area. 

How much does it cost to build a house on Dos Rios? 

The cost of a house will obviously depend on the design, size, and materials to be used, and on the type of energy solution chosen, also on factors such as the then FX rate and rate of inflation. A house built with prefabricated panels will cost less than one constructed with a traditional methodology. An approximate budget can be prepared at any moment when requested. 

What size of house can I build? 

The Condominium Code provides for a minimum covered constructed area of 90m2 and a maximum of approximately 300m2. 

How long does it take to build a house on Dos Rios?  

The Tigre-based construction company using the aforementioned construction methodology has been able to complete a number of houses at Dos Rios within a period of 6 months.    

Who can help me build my house? 

The Condominium Board and existing homeowners will be happy (including ourselves, we have already built 3 houses) to share their know how and experience with new purchasers and make the corresponding introductions to relevant construction companies and architects. 

How much are the annual service charges? 

This amount will vary from year to year, according to the budget and works to be carried out, and subject to the then relevant macroeconomic variables. For 2023 the sum was less than US$1,000 or the equivalent in AR$ per lot. Such sum covers, inter alia, the salary and benefits of the caretaker whose principal responsibilities are the maintenance of the swimming pool and deck area, and of the paths, bridges, and walkways round the nature reserve. Service charges also cover the purchase costs of all related equipment and materials.  

When I am on Dos Rios is there somewhere where I can buy mineral water and other basic items? 

Yes, there is someone who sells such items on Las Malvinas a couple of hundred metres from the entrance to Dos Rios. 

Is there a shop near Dos Rios where I can buy food? 

Yes, there is a shop selling fruit, vegetables and meat within 10 minutes’ boat ride from Dos Rios. By prior arrangement the caretaker can provide transport there and back.  

Is there anyone to clean my house after I use it? 

There are cleaners in the area who can be contracted by private arrangement and we will be pleased to put you in contact with them. 

Can I let my house? 

Yes, this is permitted and the Delta is a popular spot for summer and weekend rentals. 

Is there anyone who can carry out maintenance work and gardening when I am not there? 

There are gardeners in the area who can be contracted by private arrangement. Again we will be pleased to make the necessary introductions. 

Are there any completed houses for sale at Dos Rios? 

Some existing homeowners may be interested in selling, and in such cases introductions can be made to the respective owners.